Sherri’s Story

I’m Sherri—and I just celebrated my 64th birthday! I feel better and have more energy now than I did at 50, have maintained a 35-pound weight loss, and been off harmful medications for 8 years by switching to a plant-based diet. I have regained my hope, health, and life and am enjoying it to the fullest. My husband and friend Tammy have had similar results.  Be sure to read their stories of weight loss and healing here (under the “Inspiration” tab) as well.

My passion is to help encourage others who are struggling with health and weight issues that are affecting their quality of life. My mission is to spread the word, so people will be aware of the health benefits and potential healing that can be obtained by consuming a nutrient-rich diet, so they can make an informed choice about their own health destiny. My goal is to provide resources through our website and classes that will help anyone willing to put forth the effort be successful. My prayer is that I never have to lose another friend or loved one needlessly to a preventable illness.  And that by investing in ourselves now, we can age gracefully and truly embrace our “golden” years!

Yours in the battle for superior health!



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